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Is buying a used router a good idea for your business?

Are you thinking about buying a used router? Your office router is one of the most important building blocks of your entire network infrastructure. Some IT professionals think they need to break the bank for a router that provides a reliable Wi-Fi connection. But that’s not the case.

In reality, purchasing the latest, cutting-edge technology might be an overkill for the needs of your company. The bells and whistles are worthless if your business cannot make effective use of them. As tempting as it may seem, spending your budget on a pricey solution might not be a wise investment. Buying a used router could save money to spend on other parts of your network infrastructure.

Is buying a used router worth the risk?

Even new routers can be vulnerable to a data leak due to malware loaded at the factory itself. There are rare cases of hackers planting malicious firmware on used equipment in order to extract sensitive data stored within the router. However, the privacy risks of a rewritten router is low, making buying a used router a smart option for small-business owners.

How do you protect your pre-owned router from attacks?

There are several precautionary measures you can take to avoid data and information leak. Performing a factory reset on your router is the most important step. This restores your router’s BIOS to its default settings and configuration and erases any virus planted by the previous user. Be on the lookout for any strange wiring. If it does not look right, it probably isn’t.

What you need to know before buying a used router

If you decide on buying a used router for your company, keep the following in mind:

1. Speed

Make sure your router has a speed rating higher than 25 Mbps so that it can support multiple devices without interruptions. Check the capacity of your network adapter before you decide on the speed you need. Buying a router that provides a fast connection is useless if your adapter cannot support it.

2. Security Protocol

Ensure that your router is encrypted so that your network is defended from intruders and malicious attacks. Encryption scrambles the information sent through the network. Wireless routers normally come with the encryption feature disabled, so it is important to switch it on before use.

3. Signal Strength

Consider the layout of your building when choosing the signal range of your router. Note any any obstacles that lie in the way of the router and the wireless network adapter. If the router needs to reach a wider area, you may need a Wi-Fi range extender.

4. Model

There are many models to choose from and it is worth searching online for reviews and performance test. If you want to be sure to get value for money, it is worth consulting with an IT professional.

5. Reseller and Product

Beware reboxing, where unscrupulous sellers use counterfeit boxes with authentic-looking labels and sell substandard products as new. If you buy a user router, the box should not look new. Make sure your reseller is an established company and offers advice before before and after sales. Buying a used router can be highly cost-effective solution to your network infrastructure needs.


Feba Maryann
Feba Maryann
Feba Maryann is a freelance journalist who writes for websites and magazines in Asia and North America. She is currently pursuing her Integrated Masters on Computer Science Engineering with a specialization in Data Science from VIT, Vellore.


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Is buying a used router a good idea for your business?