Friday, April 23, 2021

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Sea sponge uncovers a 700 million-year-old mystery

In a discovery spanning millions of years, scientists have found that humans, and most likely other animals, share important genetic mechanisms with a prehistoric...

Scientists use bacteria as micro-3D printers

A team at Aalto University has used bacteria to produce intricately designed three-dimensional objects made of nitrocellulose. With their technique, the researchers are able...

Robotic AI learns to be spontaneous

Autonomous functions for robots, such as spontaneity, are highly sought after. Many control mechanisms for autonomous robots are inspired by the functions of animals,...

Big Brother and Big Mother are watching

Will history remember the Covid-19 pandemic as a moment during which citizens gave up their civil rights for health reasons? Two elements can be used...

Top tips for a successful transition to remote work

Effective remote work hinges on a disciplined awareness of the remote experience, exceptional communication habits, and a willingness to embrace technology. The staff at...

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