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6 VPN Solutions for Network Security

VPN Solutions For Companies with Remote Employees

There is an increasing need for companies, remote employees and private individuals to keep their corporate or personal data, location, devices, internet activity and streaming private but accessible at geographically remote locations. VPN or Virtual Private Network is one way to do this. Here are 6 VPN solutions for consideration:

  1. Remote access VPN: Useful for home and business users, remote access VPN solutions allow users to access private networks remotely over the Internet.
  2. Site-to-Site VPN Solutions: Also known as router-to-router VPN and often used by corporations. Intranet based VPN solutions connect geographically remote offices in the same company. Extranet based VPN solutions connect offices from different companies.
  3. Client-Based VPN: A VPN client is the software installed on a device to establish a connection between it and the VPN server. This allows a single user to connect to a remote network. Native VPN clients (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android) are pre-installed. Third-party VPN clients may be installed for more features and a better interface.
  4. Network-Based VPN: Network VPNs connect two networks together over an untrusted network such as the Internet. An example is all the offices in a company connecting using IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) tunnels.
  5. Dynamic Multipoint VPN: DMVPN allows the creation of a cloud of connected networks. This complex tehcnology can be used to connect satellite offices with the head office and each other.
  6. MPLS-based L3VPN: Multiprotocol label switching assigns labels to packets of data. Packet forwarding decisions are made on the basis on the label name without having to access the packet itself. L3VPN is a type of VPN node also known as virtual private routed network. MPLS-based solutions are easier to manage than conventional VPNs.

VPN solutions for Your Remote Employees

Most companies use third party VPN clients to connect offices and remote employees in georgraphically distant locations. The precise VPN solution required depends on what kind of access, data, information and activities are you are seeking to protect. If you are new to VPN technology, it is best to seek expert advice.




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Katrina Boydon
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6 VPN Solutions for Network Security