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Why you need VPN for your small business

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a crucial safety requirement for small business networks. A VPN lets you more securely navigate the internet, whether from the office or remotely, and allows for greater peace of mind while sharing private information by keeping your IP address and browsing history hidden.

What does a VPN do?

Using a public internet connection, a VPN creates an encrypted network between a user and a remote server that is operated by a VPN provider.

To think of a VPN in visual terms, imagine a multi-lane highway as the internet. On a regular highway, everyone can see who is driving what, who they are with, and the direction they are driving. License plates, automobile models, and other identifying information are all visible. If a driver were using VPN in this scenario, he and his vehicle would be invisible to other road users. In the same way, using a VPN on the Internet allows users to have their own private tunnel shielding them from other users, who are unable to view or log their activity. Even internet service providers cannot see the online activity. A VPN means your business can search, send, receive and exchange information more securely. 

Data flows through a remote VPN server and business and personal IP addresses appear to be that server. In this way, information such as your identity and location are completely masked.

By adding this layer of protection to your digital infrastructure, businesses reduce the risk of being hacked and sensitive information being compromised. Using a VPN is one of the most popular and secure ways for small businesses to protect their privacy.

Reasons to use a VPN for your small business

1. Greater security

Data security is the main reason to use a VPN. Small business data breaches rarely make waves in the headlines as hacks of big banks or government agencies, but a huge percentage of cybercrime is against small companies because they are easy marks. Using a VPN is a major step in the direction of greater data safety for your business.

2. Affordability

Thanks to a booming VPN market, however, you need not worry about breaking the bank to maintain cyber security as competition has kept most prices extremely low. Using a VPN might just be one of the most affordable actions you can take in securing your data.

3. Versatility

A VPN can be accessed by any of your devices, from desktop computers to smartphones, allowing you to take advantage of your enhanced security benefits no matter what hardware you prefer. You do not need to be anchored to a particular piece of technology to use your VPN.

4. Remote access

Furthermore, you do not need to be anchored to a particular continent to use your VPN for our small business. In our current pandemic environment where increasing numbers of employees are working from home, providing security while accessing data remotely is a necessity. A VPN can be accessed from anywhere an internet connection is available. Whether you’re at home, at an airport, or in another country, your VPN is available to you.

5. Geographical independence

Different countries have different restrictions in place with regard to internet freedom and access. A VPN masks the user’s IP address, so there is no way of knowing where the use is located physically.

Protect your data with a VPN for your small business

It is no longer safe for small businesses to assume they are under the radar and will not be noticed. Once the domain of banks and corporate giants, data security is now just as important for small businesses. Cybercriminals often target smaller companies because the data security is likely to be less robust. All companies need to protect themselves against hackers and security breaches. A VPN ensures your business data is invisible to prying eyes and malicious intent.


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Why you need VPN for your small business