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6 basic criteria for choosing the best data recovery program

Data recovery is the process of retrieving inaccessible, lost, or corrupt data from removable files, media, or secondary storage. With the rising incidents of cybercrimes, data theft and loss have become common occurrences. This mandates the need for backing up your files and protecting your data to prevent any technical mishaps or data breaches.

While many businesses are using hard drives and cloud backup for data storage purposes, you need effective data recovery software to recover your lost files and folders if your hard drive crashes.

1. Versatility

The versatility of your preferred data recovery program should be considered before buying. This is because data loss does not occur only on PCs but also on external hard drives, storage devices, and USB flash drives. A good data recovery app should support multiple devices, different file types including multimedia files like pictures, movies, audio, videos, and documents.

The data recovery program should also allow you to save selected files in desired folders. The program should help you extract files from recovered items and save them at your desired location on the hard disk.

If you want to retain the order of the folders and files to their original format, your chosen data recovery software should retain the on-disk folder hierarchy. This will help recover and restore the directory to its original format.

2. Speed

For a data recovery program to be worthwhile, it must offer data recovery at an optimum speed. A reasonable data recovery speed propels the recovery process and also saves you the mental anguish associated with temporary data loss. When looking for data recovery programs, opt for ones with high-speed scans.

3. User-friendliness

There’s no point in having the best data recovery application if it can only be used by the person who designed it. The application must be user-friendly and have a simple and easy-to-use interface that makes each of its features easy to use without reading a long manual.

You shouldn’t take a lot of time trying to figure out how to recover your lost or deleted data. To avoid having any issues or technical glitches, select a recovery program whose operational procedures are easy to understand and implement.

4. Recovery modes available

The availability of a wide range of recovery modes makes a data recovery program a great app. Varied recovery modes help recover data lost due to different circumstances such as virus attacks, disk breakdowns, and system errors.

They also help recover data from multiple sources of storage such as USB drives, hard drives, smartphones, and memory cards. Before choosing the right data recovery program for your needs, ensure it supports different recovery modes to give you maximum data recovery protection.

5. Search functionality

To reduce the amount of time and effort used in locating a recovered file, a data recovery program must have a search option. This feature should be a key consideration before buying a data recovery program since only a few programs are equipped with this functionality.

The search option helps users discover a specific file from the recovered items and preview file details such as type, size, and date of creation.

6. Pricing structure

Before choosing a data recovery program, determine your budget. Decide how much you’re willing to pay for the program and whether it’s worth the payment. Also, since many data recovery programs offer a free and paid version, try to understand the differences between the two versions.

You may use the free version in the beginning to test the efficacy of the data recovery software to recover your files and then later on preview your data. Going for a free trial is a secure route since it will help you gauge if the particular software performs well its function before upgrading to the paid version.


Knowing what to pay attention to when searching for the right data recovery software can help you enjoy a seamless data recovery process. Programs with features such as user-friendliness and multiple recovery modes improve the functionality of these programs, which helps prevent permanent data loss, as well as reduce the user’s mental agony and trauma.


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