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Is cloud-managed networking the way forward in the new normal?

The global pandemic has made remote work the new normal. However, one of the biggest questions is proper management and communication. Fortunately, businesses can use cloud-managed networking to tackle this challenge.

What is cloud-managed networking?

Cloud-managed networking is a way of managing a business remotely through cloud services rather than onsite or working in an office. The mechanism is based on a SaaS model, making it easy to manage and control the network devices.

It allows one to oversee all the network users and devices under one single entity. This makes managing employees working remotely easy and effective.

A report published on Globe News Wire shows that the cloud networking business market is estimated to reach $14.61 billion by 2027.

Advantages of cloud-managed networking

Cloud-managed networking allows companies to deliver data through different networks to enhance accessibilty and connectivity. Other benefits include:

  1. Remote control

One of the most significant advantages of any cloud-managed service is the remote control and management it provides. It allows businesses to easily monitor remote workers. The security that these services offer also makes it a better and feasible option.

  1. Easy deployment and management

The easy deployment and management of these networks make it a very user-friendly option. Additionally, the mechanism is very efficient with little to no assistance once a person gets acquainted.

  1. Easy to scale

While the onsite expansion of an office can be a costly affair, offsite growth is easy and cost-effective. If you want to expand your operation base offsite, all you need is a few servers and other essential equipment that your service provider can take care of at a small cost.

  1. Cost-effective

Cloud-managed networks eliminate the complications of one being onsite and hiring multiple managers to oversee operations in separate locations. This reduces costs on both human resources and extra hard work.

Let’s now take a look at the things you need to consider when selecting a cloud-managed service provider.

How to choose a cloud-managed networking service provider

Businesses that want to manage their operations remotely through cloud services may consider hiring managed service providers. Here are tips to help you before taking the leap.

  1. Customized solution

As every organization is unique, your operational infrastructure must be unique as well. Because of this, it’s important to choose a service provider that offers customized solutions based on your requirements.

  1. Wholly managed network capabilities

The network should have specific attributes like high speed, Quality of Service (QoS), and reliable global infrastructure to suit your needs. You should also ensure the features of the network are unique and varied.

  1. Network monitoring and management tools

Another important thing to consider is how the service provider will help you monitor and manage the network. Also, check if the tools used by the provider are secure, work perfectly all the time, and how you’ll receive the notifications.

  1. Support and Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Service Level Agreements are agreements made in a written format indicating the service provider’s commitment to ensure your network stays up and running.

It’s essential to get adequate support from your service provider before and after making any organizational purchase. There should be a support system available whenever you’re having challenges to help you tackle issues in your network.

  1. Network security

Lastly, you should ensure the security of the network to prevent losing sensitive information to your competition. The network should also be safe from all cloud security threats, ransomware, malware, and other cybercrimes.

Reputable cloud-managed service providers

Cloud-managed service providers help companies with automating and enhancing their operations. They also outsource daily IT management for technical support and cloud-based services. Below are a few reliable providers:

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki offers cloud services like Wireless LAN, Switching, Security and SD-WAN, Meraki Insight, Smart Cameras, Mobile Device Management, and Sensors on a global scale. The platform also:

  • Works efficiently for better utilization of time, allowing your workers to get more done in a short period of time.
  • Is a cost-efficient option. Once you buy their product, you’ll be given everything related to the product without any extra licensing/software fee or additional hardware cost.
  • Is a well maintained and updated software provider. Since 2012, the company has released 50 major feature updates for its product.
  • Is always looking for ways to better itself and has a “make a wish” dashboard at the end of every page to allow customers to suggest the features they want to be included in their platform.
  • The Meraki hardware has been designed with cloud-managed services in mind, making the platform perform seamlessly.


SonicWall provides Next-Generation Firewall, Security Services, Network Security Manager, Cloud Edge Secure Access, Secure Mobile Access, Wireless Access Points, Switches, and more. Additionally:

  • Services like the SonicWall Management, Monitoring, and Reporting solutions offer quick ROI by enabling a single interface to manage all SonicWall gateway security and anti-spam.
  • SonicWall is an affordable option with a low cost of ownership and less complex deployment.
  • The platform allows for easy and quick identification of network disruption and makes the necessary changes. This helps maintain the performance at optimum levels.
  • SonicWall allows for multiple disaster recovery sites whenever required from a single operation center control point.


As remote working is the new norm, it is essential to adapt to the situation. Getting a cloud-managed network such as Cisco Meraki is a good start. The network offers excellent security without compromising performance.


Maclean Odiesa
Maclean Odiesa
Maclean is a tech freelance writer with 7+ years in content strategy and development. She is also a pillar pages specialist and SEO expert.

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Is cloud-managed networking the way forward in the new normal?