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Cybersecurity news weekly roundup May 2, 2022 ~ NetworkTigers

SAN MATEO, CA, May 2, 2022 — Cybersecurity news weekly roundup. Stories, news, politics and events impacting the network security industry during the last week. Brought to you by NetworkTigers.

India to require organizations to report cybersecurity breaches within 6 hours

India’s cybersecurity authorities have created new rules that require a broad range of organizations to report any security breaches to the government within six hours of discovery. The new guidelines will take effect in 60 days and are designed to deliver quicker data collection and swift response time in the event of a security incident. Read more.

Costs after ransomware often higher than ransom payment itself

The fallout from a ransomware attack involves legal fees, threat response, investigation and a wide range of other expenses that can add up to seven times the amount paid in ransom, according to research from Check Point. The data collected regarding ransomware cleanup costs further illustrate the need for organizations to have a concise plan with regard to cybersecurity. Read more.

Microsoft reports hundreds of Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine

According to a report from Microsoft, the software giant saw nearly 240 cyberattacks launched against Ukraine just in the lead up to Russia’s invasion from six Moscow-sponsored hacker groups. Microsoft reports that Russia’s cyberattacks are often used to coincide with real military maneuvering. Read more.

Java apps still being used to launch Log4Shell threats

Researchers, assuming that the media coverage of last year’s discovery of the widespread Log4Shell vulnerability would result in fewer exploits, are disappointed to learn that the bug is still being actively utilized across millions of vulnerable Java applications. State-sponsored hackers continue to utilize the flaw to probe for weaknesses and wreak havoc. Read more.

Tenet hospitals disrupted by cyberattack

Tenet Healthcare Corporation has reported that it suffered a cyberattack that has caused disruption in some of their services. Tenet has not provided many details regarding the specifics of the attack or what exactly had been affected, but reports of disruptions in Florida and Massachusetts-based hospitals have been made. The organization states that it worked quickly to contain the threat and that restoring their full system is in progress. Read more.

Russian hackers claim to have stolen data from Coca-Cola

Stormous, a Russian hacker group that has vowed its support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and pledged to attack American companies, is claiming to have breached Coca-Cola and stolen 161 GB of data. The gang is offering the info for sale. Currently, researchers are unsure of where Stormous is based. However, most of its messaging is in Arabic. Read more.

American Dental Association suffers apparent ransomware attack

The American Dental Association (ADA) has seemingly suffered a ransomware attack at the hands of a new gang called Black Basta. The attack forced the ADA to take affected systems down, which resulted in disruptions to phone lines, email, webchat services and more. The attack will affect small, state-run dental practices that make use of the ADA’s services. Read more.

CISA adds seven vulnerabilities to catalog

CISA has placed seven new bugs on its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog. This database organizes and details bugs that have been seen exploited in the wild and serves as a resource for those looking for details about specific vulnerabilities. It also contains data pertaining to mitigating the damages associated with these threats. Read more.

Kansas hospital breached for nearly a year

Kansas-based Newman Regional Health has disclosed that it has suffered a nearly year long data breach that has affected more than 52,000 accounts. Social Security numbers and financial information associated with some users may have been exposed. Newman Regional Health has issued a statement that claims that medical records were not breached in the hack. Read more. 

$1 million worth of NFTs stolen

Bored Ape Yacht Club, a popular NFT project, saw its official Instagram account hacked. The hackers then used the account to send a fraudulent link to followers that transferred tokens out of their crypto wallets. It is not currently known how the Instagram account was hacked, as Bored Ape Yacht Club states that they used two factor authentication and followed security best practices. Read more. 

FBI warns of BlackCat ransomware

More than 60 organizations have been breached by BlackCat ransomware-as-a-service since March of 2022, according to a warning about the attacks from the FBI. Individuals known tobe associated with BlackCat are said to have connections to other ransomware groups such as DarkSide and BlackMatter. The FBI has listed a number of measures one can take to help prevent infection. Read more.

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Derek Walborn
Derek Walborn
Derek Walborn is a freelance research-based technical writer. He has worked as a content QA analyst for AT&T and Pernod Ricard.

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Cybersecurity news weekly roundup May 2, 2022 ~ NetworkTigers