Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Mike Syiek

Mike Syiek is President and Founder of NetworkTigers.


Mike Syiek is President and Founder of NetworkTigers.

How to choose a data center switch

Choosing the right data center switch is critical if you want to keep your network engineer happy. There are two sentences he or she...

Stackable switches: to stack or not to stack?

In the early 2000s, stackable switches did not exist. The only way to offer a large number of users a simple network topology was...

Modular switches: advantages and disadvantages

... or why modular switches could enjoy a renaissance Modular switches refers to network switches that are built in a medium to very large chassis. ...

News you can use as the world doubles down on data centers

The world is changing, and NetworkTigers is here to document this change with the addition of a News & Resources section to our website. The...

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