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Why use a VPN for remote employees?

History of VPN

The idea of using VPN for remote employees is not new. VPN dates to 1996 when a Microsoft employee developed the peer-to-peer (or point-to-point) tunnelling protocol, also known as PPTP. PPTP was a way of creating secure network between users by encrypting data and forming a tunnel over a LAN (local area network) or WAN (wide area network). Since then, the use of VPN for remote employees has become commonplace.

VPN for Companies

In the early days, using VPN for remote employees was not the objective. Rather, large companies and organizations needed a private and secure way to share information between offices in different locations worldwide. Crucially, filesharing and access had to be as if employees were located in the same office. VPN made this possible.

VPN for Remote Employees

Telecommuting, working from home, remote work or having a flexible workplace is an employment arrangement that allows workers not to commute to the office.  In the late twentieth century telecommuting gained popularity but was seen by most employers as a privilege. It also had many limitations around security and access to information. In the twenty-first century working remotely is widely accepted with companies employing individuals all over the world without having to purchase or rent office space. Thanks to VPN technology, dispersed employees working wherever they please can be done without putting company data at risk. There are many business and employee benefits to using VPN.

Business Benefits of VPN

  • Company data may be shared easily anywhere in the world
  • Data and information are protected within the VPN environment
  • Provides online anonymity
  • Allows a physical presence in multiple locations
  • Eliminates need for office space
  • Seamless integration with other employees and offices

Personal Benefits of VPN

  • Work from home
  • Saves on commuting expenses
  • Eliminates commuting time
  • Allows more flexible hours
  • Can work when infectious without putting co-workers at risk
  • Easier to balance work and life commitments

VPN for Remote Employees Summary

Over the last several decades, the adoption of the internet as a business tool has permitted unparalleled rapid communication and transfer of data and information. Without the confines of surface mail, the speed at which business can be done has increased dramatically. Telecommuting and remote employment is accepted as normal and even desirable. However, the ease of information and data sharing on the internet brings its own challenges. Without suitable security in place, proprietary business information is vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals. VPN for remote employees is the solution.


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Why use a VPN for remote employees?